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Plumbing Bureau Middle East Region Inc 

With Saudi Aramco 

Signed a heavy oil pipeline project contract, 

The project size is nearly $100 million. 

The Saudi Aramco heavy oil pipeline project, an EPC general contract project, will extend from the Juama tank Farm to the upstream West East pumping station, and will be connected to the Saudi Aramco East West Gas pipeline corridor.


The project consists of the design, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and operation of a 48-inch diameter, 164-km onshore pipeline. The construction of the project includes 1 ball cylinder, 5 valve chambers, 1 ball receiving cylinder at the end station, 1 hot fire connecting head, 6 pipe jacking through highways and railways, and more than 60 underground pipelines and optical cables, as well as related supporting optical fiber cables (FOC) and communication systems, and leakage detection systems (LDS). The construction period is expected to be 37 months. 

Saudi Branch of Pipeline Bureau Middle East Company 

It has developed rapidly in recent years. 

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